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Implantable ECG loop recorder 

Symptoms of palpitation or blackouts may be infrequent and difficult to capture despite prolonged Holter ECG monitoring. An implantable ECG loop recorder can provide monitoring, for up to 3 years if required, to make or refute a diagnosis.

A small ECG loop recorder device is injected under the skin in the chest through a small incision, approximately 1cm, under local anaesthetic. The procedure takes approximately 5 minutes. The device can constantly monitor and record heart rhythm disorders and, either manually or automatically, send information wirelessly to a cardiac investigation department for further analysis and diagnosis.

If the device confirms a specific arrhythmia diagnosis, this may lead to lifestyle advice, prescribed medication or recommendation to undergo an invasive procedure including pacemaker/implantable defibrillator insertion or catheter ablation. The device can be removed once a diagnosis is made or if no abnormality is found during symptoms.